Turn Your Raving Fans Into 

 Brand Ambassadors
For Your Restaurant Today!

You know that word-of-mouth is the best form of marketing.

But do you know how to get referrals on demand?

"Facebook Check-Ins" 
is a Unique Restaurant Promotion System,
that sends "Word-Of-Mouth" Referrals to your Restaurant.

 See If This Makes Sense To You?

A Single Check In Is Typically Seen By At Least 100+ Friends!

When Your Customer Checks-in at Your Restaurant,

This Is What Their Friends see in THEIR News Feeds!

Not only does it show where your customer is, but also their recommendation along with all of the others that recommend the location as well.

And they will do this from inside Your Restaurant!

We Do Things That
Make Sense and Make Money.  
In That Order. 

Watch This For More Details...

Facebook Check Ins Are The Best Way To Generate Word-Of-Mouth Referrals...

We are here to bring more customers into your restaurant!

Jonah Berger

Marketing professor at the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania and bestselling author.

Virality isn’t luck. 

It’s not magic.

And it’s not random.

There’s a science behind why people talk and share.

A recipe.

A formula, even.

6 principles that drive people to talk and share all sorts of content.

  • 1
    Social currency – We share things that make us look good.
  • 2
    Triggers – If people are frequently reminded of your product, they talk about it more often
  • 3
    Emotions – We are more likely to share things that evoke high arousal emotions like anger, excitement, amusement.
  • 4
    Observability – That’s a huge part of whether products and ideas catch on. We believe other people are right or they know something we don’t and we imitate their actions.
  • 5
    Practical value – We often share ideas and solutions which proved to be useful for us.
  • 6
    Stories – Stories make a deeper impression on your listeners. They can kindle a spark that will set up a fire of conversations about you. When you tell a story related to the product it promotes – from there it’s pretty much downhill.

Our Facebook Check-Ins System addresses each of these 6 principles.

We'll help you to
get new customers quickly by:

  • check
    Creating & setting up your "Facebook Check-In" System.
  • Your current customers start sending you referrals & spreading the word.
  • Referred customers start sending you even more referrals.
  • We manage the whole thing, every month.

Yes, Now is the Time to get the Word Of Mouth Referrals You've Earned. Our “Facebook Check In System” will help you do that.

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