Simple and Easy.

Cut Your Delivery Costs.

Option A 

I'm only interested in how we can add money straight back to my bottom line from the 1st order?

Option B

I could always use some residual income.  

Either Option Is Free & 

You Can Do Both.

Process Steps

Please follow the next steps to complete the process


If you decide to save the money use this is the information you will need from us to sign up:

  1. First Name - Local
  2. Last Name - Marketing WorX
  3. Referral ID/Username - LocalWorks
  4.  Brand Partner Email Address - to fill out the form.

That's it!

We'll start the process and be in touch if we need anything.

Please leave us good contact information we don't want any unnecessary delays in saving You Money.


1. Forward your web and marketing specialists contact info to the Brand Partner who signed up the restaurant so they will have it when the setup team calls to begin the process.

2. Inform both your web specialist and your marketing specialist to be expecting calls and that you have authorized the changes being requested to start saving you money ASAP.

3.  It's easiest to do this in an email right away while it's fresh on your mind by CC'ing all parties including your Brand Partner so you can get back to doing what you do best, running your restaurant 

**Restaurants do have the option to add additional services or technology to connect to their current systems. 

These things are optional and not required to be a part of the program / service.

Just so you're aware.  

It's better for us if you choose the straight restaurant option. 

It's better for you if you choose the residual income option. 

Either way it's free and we respect your choice.

Process Steps

Please follow the next steps to complete the process


Follow the links there and signup.  Yes, it's free.

  1. Go in the backend get your code
  2. Go to this link ZenDelivery Restaurant sign up & fill in the form to get your restaurant started.
  3. ***Remember to use YOUR information and code.

That's it.

Get ready to start saving money!

P.S. Please leave us good contact information.

Also, keep your web and marketing specialists info handy because we may need to talk to them to get you setup properly.

Simple and Easy.

We look forward to working with you.